Made in America: Why Choose Local Manufacturing

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Why Choose Local?  Diamond Brand Gear is committed to local manufacturing and made in America gear.

Diamond Brand Gear and our team of professional sewers are proud of our Carolina roots. The Carolina Mountains is home to the Blue Ridge, the Appalachians, and more. Most importantly, our backyard. Not only do we draw inspiration from the traditions of these special places, but with our local manufacturing, we keep our carbon footprint smaller. We’re proud to be Carolina Crafted and made in America. This is why.


Cutting Down Emissions

30 percent of all emissions are due to transportation. It is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.

Diamond Brand Gear’s dedication to local manufacturing, means we reduce the distance our products travel. Therefore we eliminate the emissions that come from importing products by creating made in America gear.

Not to mention, we love sourcing fabric from our neighbors and creating special heirloom pieces to last generations to come. We use locally milled fabrics from Oriole Mills in Hendersonville, NC in all of the bags in our Biltmore Renaissance Collection.

Also, the U.S has stricter labor and environmental laws than those found in many countries. As a result, our local manufacturing must meet higher standards of labor and sustainability.

Using LEAN Manufacturing

We work hard to stop waste – overproduction, land usage, energy usage and more – from our manufacturing process. By manufacturing locally, we are able to employ LEAN techniques. By using LEAN, we are cutting waste and adding value to the consumer. We use recycled materials to build some of our products. Like our Upcycled Double Take and Upcycled Messenger Bag, which are constructed with our leftover fabric from our Wall Tents.

Because we put quality over quantity, we can explore ways to customize and personalize our made in America products.  We sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to. From fabric and colors to straps and buckles, we want each of our products to reflect your needs and your personal style.  We allow you to customize your new purchase, right down to the tiniest details. Our passion, your gear.

Preserving the Craft

Dedicated to the preservation of crafting in the Carolina Mountains, Diamond Brand Gear opened a Microfactory in the heart of downtown Asheville. Our purpose is to connect the local community with local manufacturing. Visitors get to enjoy a hands-on sewing experience. Featuring five sewing stations operated by professional sewers, the community can observe the skill that goes into building our craft gear.  Asheville leather goods maker,  In Blue Handmade, is crafting side by side with our sewers now. Shoppers can stroll and shop made in America goods, built in their backyard!

“Between our Microfactory and sewing classes, we hope to take the mystery out of the manufacturing process,” Delaloye said. “By providing a space where community members can interact with our craftspeople and try their hand at our machines, we hope to teach individuals of all skill levels the basics of handcrafting gear.”

Want to learn more about the manufacturing process and get your hands on our machines?  For a chance to sew your own creation, check out one of our upcoming events! You can sign up on our Eventbrite page here.