We focus on practices that ensure we can do what we love for the next 139 years.


We measure the success of our business by the wellbeing of our craftspeople, the vibrancy of each community we have the honor to be part of, and our stewardship of natural resources.

We craft goods that are durable enough to last through generations of use. Each craftsperson that joins us in this effort is a member of a family that is protected and nurtured. Together, we will work to protect craftsmanship for as long as the Earth holds those eager to yield its fruits—and with this commitment comes the duty to honor the natural resources and communities that we depend on.

We acknowledge that the achievement of this vision of sustainable wealth is not a road with an end, but a lasting journey that we labor towards daily.

Triple Bottom Line Sustainability at Diamond Brand Gear: People, Planet, Prosperity 

For 139 years, Diamond Brand Gear has bent the arc of industry towards long-term, responsible economic growth rooted in the crafting of durable products. We measure our success with respect to a triple bottom line framework that accounts for the wellbeing of our craftspersons, our communities and the Earth. For our craft to thrive well beyond the next 139 years, we acknowledge these three forces must be nurtured with equal importance—a challenge we humbly accept.

“The TBL wasn’t designed to be just an accounting tool. It was supposed to provoke deeper thinking about capitalism and its future.“

– John Elkington, creator of the Triple Bottom Line



We make products in America with highly-skilled craftspeople that we treat like family.

Here are some of the ways in which we work to hold ourselves accountable for our impacts on people:

Opportunities for Financial Success
  • 100% of our employees make at least a living wage for Henderson County, North Carolina. This factors in the number of adults in the household who are working and the number of children they are supporting. 
  • Through our Gainsharing Program, we split the gross margin profits we exceed 50/50 with employees each month.
  • We have a robust employee referral bonus system in which we reward employees for employment referrals and offer a graduated pay scale dependent upon milestones such as interviewing and length of employment.
  • Diamond Brand CraftspersonDiamond Brand CraftspersonDiamond Brand Craftsperson
Support & Equality
  • We provide an Employee Assistance Program that helps our family members through times of exceptional need with marriage, the birth of children, substance abuse, personal finances and continuing education. 
  • We provide translation services that enable everyone to have access to the same information and be empowered to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.
Community Wellness
  • Our commitment to family extends into our community, so we support our employees’ efforts to generate positive change by offering paid volunteer time.


Working to live within the means of earth’s natural resources starts with how we design products and ends with how we take responsibility for our waste.


Here are the some of the ways in which we work to hold ourselves accountable for our impacts on the planet:

Management of Natural Resources through Product Design and Production
  • Our designs are a product of over 100 years of use, which results in goods that are elegantly simple, repairable, extremely durable and suitable for a variety of different adventures, so that you only need one—saving the resources of making many. 
  • We are committed to working with suppliers who share our vision for building the best tents in the world. In 2020, we partnered with Duke University to understand where our major impacts are in the manufacturing processes and components of an Atlas Tent. From here, we’ll use this information to drive change without compromising quality. 
  • Our use of simple micro-innovating techniques allows us to leverage a relatively short production period to make goods as we sell them so that we never waste resources by overproducing.
  • Diamond Brand Nylon Wall Tent from 1982 still in use by a customer


Responsibility for Waste

We encourage the use of our products for multiple generations by providing replacement parts, repair services, DIY repair guides and care & maintenance instructions so that we can avoid the environmental and financial costs of replacing gear for our planet and customers, respectively.

We’ve implemented circular systems to collect and incorporate both post-industrial and post-consumer waste into new products. We accept 100% of everything we’ve ever made back for refurbishing and we’re working towards becoming a zero-waste factory by 2022. 

      • Rescue: products crafted from worn-out tents that are sent to us by their former owner. For our business customers, we offer to send half of the products we make with the materials back to them to be used or sold at their discretion.
      • “American” Boro: products that include fabric scraps from the factory cutting room floor that are stitched back together in the tradition of Japanese Boro, a practice of mending garments out of necessity, instead of being sent to landfill.
      • Rebuilt: for some tents, refurbishment is an option. As a craft manufacturer, we can take the time to clean, repair and resell tents that are ready for more adventures.

    Rescue Compack made from rescued tents from one of our scout partners.


    “American” Boro farbric application on Day Tripper Duffel



We are committed to being a responsible business that benefits society through the preservation of craftsmanship, formation of a greener economy and creation of durable goods that enhance the experiences of all adventurers.

Here are some of the ways in which we strive to hold ourselves accountable for our contributions to a prosperous society:

Cultural Preservation
  • We’re part of the historical North Carolina textile industry that has been in operation since the 1820’s and are committed to keeping 100% of Diamond Brand Gear products sewn in our factory in Fletcher, NC. 
  • Sewing is a traditional craft of Appalachia and we are proud to maintain this heritage through on-site job training that honors and deepens our roots.
  • Diamond Brand Craftsperson
Green Economic Growth
  • We are building a stronger and more resilient local business community by serving as an incubator and mentor to other makers who can benefit from our experience, designing processes, use of sewing machinery and factory management. 
  • We are leading the movement to marry craftsmanship with sustainability through the creation of green jobs that eliminate waste by rescuing materials and transforming them into new gear.
Supporting All Experiences Outdoors
  • We support all styles of adventure by all types of adventurers and believe that everyone has a right to access the outdoors in an inclusive and welcoming environment.